Can videos get people to pay attention?

Videos can be a great tool to build an engaged audience, but a crappy video will do just the opposite. The difference between a great video and a bad video all comes down to content. Here are two tips as you ponder your next video.

TIP #1 Rapid consumption.

People are busy, so make it short. Sure, long videos can fit more information and more data, but people seeing you for the first time aren’t ready for that yet. A good rule of thumb is to look at your outline and remove everything you don’t think is absolutely necessary. Then, cut out half of what’s left.

TIP #2 Just one big thing.

Refer to Tip #1…people are busy. Scaling down a video to just one big thing or idea helps to ensure that the thing sticks in their brains. Don’t worry if you have two or more “big things”...you can always make another video.

Use these tips as a jumping off point to making your company video. But the best thing you can do for your video is to fill out this form and ask about a free mini strategy session with Hypersuade.

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